2018 Festival Gear Guide

16 Jul 2018

16 Jul 2018

My love for festivals in never ending…I love atmosphere and just the general buzz of the day. Every festival experience is so different but the list of festival must-haves never changes for me, so here's a little list of all the things I just have to take to make the festival experience the best it could possibly be!

1. First of all you need to put together a killer outfit, when you're feeling like a queen, your day is 1000 times better! Keep it fun and creative, pull together your main items for your outfit and accessorize! Go wild with accessories, there is no limit to how many layers you can add, especially when it comes to festival fashion!

2. You need to be super hyped and full of energy for festivals I've learnt that the hardway… as I often get tired or run down by 6pm and can't keep up with my friends. The atmosphere is hectic and keeping up with the crowd can be tricky. Lately I've been loving the little boost that Mother energy drinks give you when you really need it, especially after you travel a long distance or after an early plane ride. It’s it gives you the perfect energy level, which makes it a definite must have for any occasion especially a festival as you need all the energy you can get!

3. A bum bag!! Find yourself a funky little bum bag to wear, stuff it full of the essentials (money, makeup, phone etc) it's super handy as it can get really annoying trying to carry a bag or carry your personal items all day. A bonus of a bum bag is that it's in front of you so you don't have to be paranoid of having a bag on your back which is out of your sight if anything happens to your belongings. Having it in front assures you everything's safe and sound. And let's not forget they're a killer accessory for any outfit!

4. And lastly, a mad group of friends, this is what will make your festival experience go from a good time to the best few days of your life! Have a group that loves to have fun, enjoy each other’s company and are WILD! To keep the energy going all day and night!

Jenaya Okpalanze @JenayaOkpalanze

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