Top 5 Road Trip Essentials

22 Aug 2018

22 Aug 2018

There’s nothing better than packing up the car and heading off on a road trip up the east coast. We were lucky enough to be heading north to the Sunshine coast from Byron for a quick weekend festival trip with our friends from Mother Energy recently. To keep the good times rolling we pulled together a list of our essential items to have on every road trip, to ensure only the best times are had! 

1.     Music – this is pretty much a no brainer, if you don’t have a sound system in your car, you should probably reconsider the drive. Just joking. But in all seriousness, music keeps the vibes-a-vibin’ with the volume up high, the wind in our hair and the happy echo of our voices singing along!

2.     Energy – You need to stay energised and alert on your drive, making sure that you stop regularly and give those eyes and brain a rest! A case of Mother Energy Drinks, and we were ready to take on the drive ahead! 

3.     Camera – You need to make the memories, but you also need to remember them, so a camera is a must. Think hilarious snap chats of your friends snoring in the back seat, or a video of your tone-deaf friend singing at the top of their lungs. It’s definitely something you want to look back on!

4.     Snacks – The perfect mix of healthy and not-so-healthy snacks is essential to keeping everybody feeling their best – We’re all about chips and lollies but there’s also nothing better than a fresh piece of fruit or a handful of nuts to snack on. 

5.     Mates – last but definitely not least, having the best company around is what’s going to make your road trip unforgettable, no matter how big or small. You want company that’s going to make you laugh, sing and talk the time away, until you realise that you’ve already arrived at your destination.

Leroy Ashford Meehan @LeroyAshfordMeehan

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